I was a math wiz in high school. My math olympian aspirations culminated in being invited by the American Mathematical Society to their Who Wants to be a Mathematician competition.

After scoring a perfect score on the SAT, I was nominated to be one of my county's Professional Association of Georgia Educator's STAR students. I chose Dr. Tengiz Shonia, my math teacher as my STAR teacher, and together we attended a reception where I was interviewed about my aspirations by a public television reporter. I also was interviewed by my local Fox affiliate, where I showed off my cooking skills and my love for puzzles.

I was also nominated as a semifinalist to the Department of Education's Presidential Scholars Program.

At Georgia Tech, I was elected to student government. There I created a new electronic legislation website, wired up our electronic voting system, and became chair of the Planning and Development Committee. As chair of the committee, I held talks on sustainability and environmental conservation and led a campus safety walk involving the President of Georgia Tech.Election to student government at Georgia Tech

I also led the charge against a bill in the Georgia State Assembly, HB 154, which would have limited academic free speech on public university campuses across the state. My work in authoring and passing a resolution condemning this bill, as well as my testimony before the assembly higher education committee and work with State Senator Kathy Ashe, helped defeat this bill.

I also made a short film in college as part of Campus MovieFest.

Before I graduated, I was awarded a George J. Mitchell Scholarship for graduate study in Ireland. Then I graduated.

Not long after, I earned a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics.

At Cambridge University, I was a member of the Wolfson College quiz bowl team through its audition for the television show University Challenge. Later, I led a team from Cambridge in an all UK quiz bowl tournament.

In 2011, I started a magazine called Distilled. We published our first issue in July 2012. Since then, Distilled has been mentioned in the KULMUN Newswire and Bookforum amongst other places. Distilled was also cited in The Wolfson Review.

In 2013, I was interviewed by Conor Ryan and the US-Ireland Alliance about my plans and the nature of political leadership. I also had some of my work translated into French for Regards D'Etudiants