As an undergraduate at Georgia Tech, I studied under Dr. Chris Weible, a professor of Public Policy, receiving an award to produce a paper titled "The State of Environmental Policy and Politics in Georgia 2006." In this research paper, I first started investigating linguistic and network mapping as a tool for better understanding system dynamics and structure.

My contributions were later cited by Dr. Chris Weible in his work on the Advocacy Coalition Framework.

As a member of The Wilberforce Society at Cambridge University, I co-authored a paper titled "National Security and the Prime Minister" with George Bangham. We explored ways in which one could better optimize the newly founded National Security Council of the United Kingdom to be more responsive to contemporary global security threats.

The paper was produced under the guidance and consultation of former cabinet secretary Lord Wilson, and involved in-depth interviews with Sir Christopher Andrew and Prime Minister Tony Blair's chief-of-staff Jonathan Powell. The paper was presented to several interested parties and subsequently cited by the Bow Group think-tank.