As an undergraduate, I spent some time in the lab of Dr. Predrag Cvitanovic studying hydrodynamics and turbulence.

I also presented an undergraduate thesis, "Quantum Space-Time: Development and Applications", under the tutelage of Dr. David Finkelstein. My discussions with Dr. David Finkelstein has been acknowledged and cited here, here, here, and here.

As a graduate student at Trinity College Dublin, I studied theoretical physics and the mathematics of string theory and solitons under the guidance of Dr. Sergey Cherkis. I successfully defended my master's thesis, "Moduli Space of SU(2) Singular Monopole", through a viva voce.  My work was funded through the George J. Mitchell Scholarship on the basis of my previous academic work and leadership.

I then went on to slog my way through Part III at Cambridge University, recognized as the hardest postgraduate maths course in the world comprised of the top mathematics and theoretical physics students from all over. I made a gentleman's scorecard of gammas across all my exams, earning me a hard won appreciation for my desire to be more practical with my mathematics training and my desire to write and edit a broader range of intellectual disciplines. Here is my transcript.