I am an editor, writer, and analyst, having worked in tech, publishing, politics, public policy, theoretical physics, and neuroscience.

Having lived all around the world, I now live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Activities and titles/past and present:

My Story

I've always found a reason to be curious. Growing up in Kennesaw, a small suburban town in North Georgia, my curiosity was first sparked by a feeling that beyond the thicket of pine trees and the creek by our house lay a world of secrets. As I grew up, I enrolled in the church of theoretical physics to master the ancient language of nature as an escape from the quotidian grind of isolation and poverty.

What has surprised me is that there is far more to our world than mere equations. Whether it was my study of non-linear dynamics, chaos, and the human brain or my lifelong engagement with politics and the law, I now understand that the future of our global society rests in learning to accept and respect the power of the ineffable and the complex.

These days I'm interested in the beauty and art of understanding and coming to terms with what we don't know, and how that understanding paired with the patience and integrity to build institutions can help us achieve greater justice, harmony, and dignity for all.

I took the above banner image using a disposable camera on a hiking trip across Ireland shortly after I finished defending my masters thesis. Along the way, I met some great friends, got lost and stuck a few times, found myself in places I'd never imagined, and realized that we continue to be Walter Benjamin's Angelus Novus, continually marveling and despairing at the glorious wreckage history deposits at our feet. What remains for us as stewards of this inheritance is to navigate it with dignity and grace until we pass it to the next generation.